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Hey there!

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I'm An, an eighteen year old human who loves to code and create cool stuff on the web. Feel free to check out my projects, experiments and ideas listed below! If you wanna chat with me, hit me up on Twitter! Have fun!


My biggest project so far:


A retro social network with over 125 000 members. Started in November 2020, featured on VICE, BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, The Independent, New York Post, BBC, Fast Company, and more.

Other projects:


A Tool to create customized "New-Tab" pages for your Browser.

rss api

An API for developers which simplifies working with RSS, ATOM and JSON-Feeds.

A tool to generate RSS Feeds for YouTube Channels.


A privacy-friendly URL-Shortener, currently powering over 7 Million Short-Links.

shiny link

A URL Shortener powered by the shrtcode API.

tele rocks

A site with Live TV channels based on YouTube videos.

webpage list

A site with category-based lists of useful websites and resources.

stonks app

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A simple stock price tracking App for Android.

workout server

Watch workout videos alone or with friends in sync (including voice- & videochat) and stay fit!

apps like this

A website which lists alternatives and similar apps to popular android apps.

talk code

A place for coders to chat about different developer-oriented topics.


first tweets

A site which displays the first ever Tweets posted on in chronological order

find code

A web search engine for developers, only returning results which are relevant for developers

snack log

Helps you to remember and share what you eat all day long

html code

A site which provides free resources to learn HTML


rss bot

A free feature-rich Telegram chat automation tool supporting autoposting from RSS/ATOM-feeds and much more! — for Telegram

text magic

A tool to convert your text into a fancy font! — for Telegram


a chat thing

A chat app which is different...